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Performance, Conformation, Competition, and Therapy Training

We pride ourselves in the versatility of our training program, and many of our clients take the foundations we give them and go on to advanced applications. In many cases, we can tailor your dog’s training and handling to suit your future plans. Let us know what you have in mind, as this will be important in how we approach your dog’s training and handling.

This is especially important in problem solving—for example, long running or significant issues like bolting out of the ring; insecurity or aggresssion with examination; lacking of drive, confidence, and focus when in the ring.

Many clients approach us with intentions to do therapy work with their dogs. We are happy to assess your dog during or after basic training and evaluate his suitability as a therapy dog. At that point, we can tailor your dog’s training to the temperament evaluation given by the organization you have chosen to join.