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Obedience Training For Working Dogs

Get Your Puppy Started!

Even if you plan on hunting your pup or doing other specialized training in the future, let us get him started with a foundation in obedience.  Obedience DOES NOT interfere with his trainability or drive, OVERTRAINING does. We can help you find that balance and nurture his drive, and at the same time have a pup that is a more pleasant housepet. This is not just for young dogs and puppies, but seasoned hunting dogs can benefit from a course as well. It is usually the fellow with the polite, quiet, solid working dog that gets invited back.

Our obedience training is not just for field dogs. In many applications, having a solid foundation in obedience can save your dog’s life, for instance if you have tracking dogs. Not just to call him back off an old trail but to quickly call him out of a dangerous situation as well.