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Training for Media Projects

We have a wide variety of animals immediately available for use on your next shoot. ALL of the animals brought to your set are held to a high standard of handleability and good temperament. Our animals have undergone extensive exposure and training, when applicable.

Safety on the set is our main concern, for our animals, the crew and the talent. We will only supply animals for insured projects.

We stand by our direct methods and honesty. Good communication as well as thourough planning in pre-production and concise, accurate performance are of utmost importance when working with animals on media projects. This in addition to setting realistic goals and training behavior on the fly when goals are unable to be met are among other important factors we are experienced with facing when it comes to working on the set.

Our trainer, Kelly, has experience on film sets not only working with animals, but as an Assistant Director, Script Supervisor, Grip, and Actress. A feel for each individual shoot’s dynamic and timing are invaluable, and come only with practical experience.

Ever had a bad experience working with animals?

The old adage “Never work with kids or dogs” came about no doubt because of poor planning, inexperience on the part of the handler, and/or inadequate training on the part of the animal. There are also, as a producer, line producer, or director certain guidelines to follow when planning to have animals on your set. One is not letting the animals sit around the set all day–call them when you really need them, as you will ALWAYS be more likely to get the performance you want out of a fresh animal as opposed to an overstimulated and tired one. But these are just some of those words of wisdom that can only be derived from experience!

Please see Our Animals for photos of some of the critters we have available. These are just some of them, if you want something you don’t see or something more specific, just ask–we may be able to find it for you.

I already have a dog I want to use but…

He needs training! We would be more than happy to assess your dog’s temperament and trainability. If he is found to have the proper temperament for ‘acting’ we can train the desired behaviors depending on your timeline. We try to discourage filmmakers from using untrained family pets on productions for the simple fact that if the animal is not properly ‘proofed’ and handled he may not only fail to perform, but can behave erratically and even dangerously. A lot more goes into it than teaching cute tricks–he has been taught to handle the stress of people yelling, stuff being dropped, tools being used, and cramped areas–he truly is a trooper.

Do not hesitate to call, inquiries are always welcome.

See some of our dogs working below!