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Our Trainer

Geronimo Kennels' trainer, Kelly Lannin, and her award-winning Toller

Geronimo Kennels’ trainer, Kelly Lannin, and her award-winning Toller, Cash

Geronimo’s founder and trainer, Kelly Lannin has been professionally training dogs for more than a decade and runs her business full-time. She not only holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Houston with an emphasis in courseload on behaviorism and behavior modification, but she is also an accredited pet training instructor.

Spending  two years under the apprenticeship of Pete Stewart of Good Manners Dog Obedience School, she learned efficient, effective balanced training methods that stand far above the standards of most training programs.   Kelly routinely has success with clients and dogs who had been failed by other programs.  She has personally trained hundreds of dogs–AND their owners in many venues.  She has titled many different dogs in multiple venues, most of them client’s dogs. She has been awarded High in Trial, and has trained dogs to advanced levels in many venues, including field.  She has owned and trained proven game tracking dogs.   Kelly does not discriminate dogs based on breed, and will teach every dog based on his individual temperament, abilities, and talents.

Kelly also occasionally breeds Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retirevers, has produced multiple AKC Champoins and dogs that have titled in the field, obedience, and other venues.

Kelly is also an expert rider. She has trained many young horses from the ground up, and retrained many older, neglected horses from the saddle down. Although she has experience working with horses, her current focus is on dogs and small animals.

She is also experienced with the care, handling, and training(when applicable) of many exotic species, snakes, arachnids, rodents and birds. She is knowledgeable in avian husbandry and behavior.

It didn’t take long for Kelly to get involved in training dogs and other animals for media projects and photography. Her dogs have multiple credits and are continually learning new tasks. To date, Kelly has trained, handled, and wrangled many different species for various media projects, and is eager to do more! Her on-set experience is not limited to working with animals; she has worked on many projects in various capacities, from Assistant Director to Script Supervisor to Grip. Only time spent on multiple sets doing different jobs grants one the experience to act within protocols and have the task at hand completed efficiently.