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You did such a great job with my little Terror!! He is such a great dog now. He walks next to me and sits when I stop. I know that doesn’t seem great but from where we have come this is just so Barely Noticeable. When you said people had cried in your driveway, I thought you where kidding, but then I became one of them my heart just jumped. You did such a great job and now I will keep it up. I will always tell people about you!! Thank you soooo much xoxox



Our Belle is back from puppy training at Geronimo Kennels. The difference is damn near amazing. All the sweetness remains, but so much more disciplined. She heels, sits, and stays on cue and actually listens/understands “NO!”. Thanks Kelly Gotschall Lannin, what a difference two weeks makes. Call Kelly if you have a dog that needs training up!

–Posted by Damon Heinrichs


Hi Kelly,
I’ve been meaning to give you an update on Patti. She’s doing really well, especially with healing and stopping/sitting. My mom gets the biggest kick out of how Patti sits and looks up at me “adoringly” and waits for me whenever I stop walking. My friends have also noticed a difference in Patti and how she’s not so “cracked out”, as one friend put it. She’s a really good dog, and I’m so glad I did the training! I attached a pic of Patti smiling for the camera. :) Thanks again. Hope you are doing well!

Christine Scheer



Your off leash training worked wonders with Lexie. Love the results. Like a different dog!

Thanks so much.
–Posted by Ralph Gardner


Hi Kelly,

Just wanted to share that last night was the first time Gabe was on the other side of the fence from that darned bunny. Before, he would race up and down the fence frantic to get to it. He would dodge my attempts to grab him. This time, I walked up to him and told him to heal. He obediently followed me back inside the house. Thanks again for all you do! Hope that Barley is learning quickly  too!

Robin Miller