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Need to get your dog trained? What you need to know!


All you really need to bring us is your dog!  We have all the equipment necessary to keep your dog happy and healthy, and get his behavior turned around.   We provide food, although we recommend you bring a little of what he is eating to transition him without stress, but most dogs are fine without it.  You can leave on his collar and tags, just remember he will be playing with other dogs, and it might get dirty or damaged.  You are welcome to bring an article of your clothing to remind him of home–but don’t be upset if it gets dirty or damaged.  We discourage stuffed toys or dog beds–we provide bedding and safe chew toys when necessary.

We have a few health requirements for all dogs entering our training program.  For ALL dogs we need a proof of rabies vaccination (or current TITR), and all dogs and puppies under 1 year old must be up to date with DHPP vaccinations.  All dogs must also be free of parasites and on a topical flea and tick preventative and on a monthly wormer.  This helps us insure that your dog leaves here in the same, or better condition than he arrived!

Don’t forget to tell us any concerns you may have, or issues we need to keep an eye out for–like ear problems, skin problems, escape artist, afraid of kids, guards his food, etc.  Don’t worry, we can accommodate the needs of most dogs, just let us know first!

As always, let us know if you have any questions, and get your dog in our program soon, our limited spots fill up fast!