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Sold: Jack Russell Terrier—Imported, Proven Blood Tracker


Patch is an intact male and a proven tracking terrier imported from South Africa. He is 14 months old rough coated. You will never loose a wounded animal again with this dog. Professional guides pay thousands for these dogs?there may not be a drop of blood visible, but if the animal is wounded, they will find it. He has been obedience trained, will not track faster than you can follow him, will call off, will obey obedience commands, is housebroken and crate trained. He is electronic collar conditioned. He cannot be trusted with other dogs or small animals. Otherwise, he is a wonderful dog and will make a wonderful pet or asset to any hunting camp. Your friends will want him along for every trip.

We are asking $2,000 for this dog. His half brother recently sold for $8500 in auction as a 3 month old and unproven. This is a great opportunity to own one of these highly valued dogs. His owner is pro trainer Pete Stewart; he is currently downsizing and owns too many dogs?Patch will be better in a home by himself.